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When you first open PDF2XL, you will land on the Start Menu.

Here is a quick guide to understanding the Start Menu.

Startup Items

The Startup Items are just a few helpful tools that can assist you when first learning to use PDF2XL, or if you ever need a refresher. You can run an introductory tutorial PDF, open your PDF, load your layout, and (if you are using PDF2XL Enterprise) acquire your document from your scanner all from this page.


The " Open" option does just that - opens your document explorer so you can load your PDF document. To learn more about Opening PDF Files in PDF2XL, click here.


The " Close" option will only be enabled if you already have a document open in PDF2XL. Clicking on this will remove the document from the application, but does not shut PDF2XL down.


The " Acquire" option is only available in PDF2XL Enterprise.

Clicking on this button will open a prompt that allows you to feed the document on your external scanner directly to PDF2XL, allowing you to bypass the need to create a PDF file from your scanned document and load it into the application manually.

Accumulate Printing

Another "Enterprise-only" option is " Accumulate Printing". This requires the use of the Cogniview Printer, which is only available in Enterprise editions of the software.

This tool allows you to open multiple documents in PDF2XL so that you can convert them all at once. To learn how to use the Accumulate Printing Mode, click here.

Save/Save As ...

The " Save" and "Save As ..." options are fairly self-explanatory, but these do not save your document or your layout, exactly. When you select "Save As ...", it allows you to save the entire PDF2XL setup to your computer as a .eudi file. This file opens only in PDF2XL and will include the PDF and the layout you were working on.

Note that the " Save" option is only enabled when you have a previously saved .eudi file open in the application.

Recent Files

Clicking on " Recent Files" will open a page with the most recent files you've used with PDF2XL.


The " Print" option opens the printer prompt, allowing you to print your document just like you would from Microsoft Office.

How This Works

" How This Works" is simply a 3-step tutorial on using PDF2XL. It explains the process in basic terms so you can visualize the procedure before trying it yourself.


When a new version of the software is available, or you want to upgrade your software to a higher level edition ( for example, from PDF2XL Basic to PDF2XL OCR), you can use the "Upgrade" option.

To learn how to get your update or Upgrade, click here.

PDF2XL Support

The " PDF2XL Support" option opens our support webpage within the application. This same page is available here.

You will need access to to view this page.


The " Help" option opens the application's help file.

This opens in a new window, so you can continue working with it open.


The " About" option opens the application splash screen, where you can see information about the software such as the version and edition, who it is licensed to, and copyright information.

To close this, you can just click on it.


Also known as settings, the "Options" button will open the application's preferences.

Check for Updates

The " Check for Updates" option forces the application to scan our databse for newer versions of the software.

If you are using the most current version, you will receive the " No available updates found" notification.

If a new version is found you will receive one of two possible notifications.

A) Purchase Update

If you are not subscribed to the Software Assurance and Premium Support package, then you will need to purchase the update to apply it to your software.

B) Download Update

If you are subscribed to the Premium Support package and a CogniView agent has manually updated your software, you can simply download it by clicking on the "Download" button.


To close the application, you can click this button.

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