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The "Convert" menu provides you with all the tools you need to complete your conversion.

Output Editing

These tools allow you to configure the order in which columns are converted.

Learn how to use Output Order here.

Output Order switches the Preview pane to Output Editing mode, which allows you to rearrange or remove elements from the output. 

Reset Order resets all changes done in the Output Editing. 

Auto Fields

This opens the Predefined Fields dialog, allowing you to select fields to include in the document's conversion.

In this dialog you can see the list of all predefined fields which are available for the current document, and you can check whichever fields you want to include in the conversion and uncheck the rest. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are available in your current document. Any other fields will not create a field in your conversion, even if they are selected.

Conversion Format

This panel gives you a selection of formats to convert your document into, including: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Clipboard, OpenOffice, CSV, HTML.

Some formats have sub-types you can choose from as well, such as "Excel File" or "Clipboard in Excel Format".

These are some additional changes you can make to your conversion, sush as adding an Excel Macro to the output and accessing the Conversion Options menu.

Job Summary

This panel allows you select which pages to convert, and counts the number of fields and tables in the selected range. Pressing the button will open the Convert Pages dialog.

In this dialog you can select whether to convert the current page, the entire document, or an arbitrary set of pages by your choice. In addition, once you've selected one of the options, you can choose to make it your default for future conversions.
 When selecting a set of pages you can select a range with a hyphen, and more pages or ranges with a comma. For example, printing "1-4,7" would print pages 1,2,3,4,7.


The "Convert Document" button has one purpose - to convert your PDF into the selected format. Once you're done with your layout, you can go ahead and push this to compelte the conversion.

If you have PDF2XL Enterprise, you will also see a "Convert Batch" button that allows you to convert several like documents at once. You can learn more about the PDF2XL Enterprise Batch Conversion here.

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