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How to Modify a Table's Rows
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When you mark a table, PDF2XL attempts to automatically detect where the rows are but, sometimes, you might want to change what was automatically detected; for example, when a table's row might span several lines of text.

Keep reading to learn how to:

  • Enable Table Rows

  • Resize a Row

  • Select a Row

  • Delete a Row

  • Add a Row

  • Exclude Rows

Enable Table Rows

If you see column dividers but no row dividers, you can quickly correct this by accessing the View tab and placing a check in the "Table Rows" option of the "Show" section.

Without this option enabled, clicking on a cell in the table will select the entire column, as opposed to a single cell.

Resize a Row

  1. Place your cursor over a row's top or bottom border. The cursor should change into a double headed arrow.

  2. Press and hold the left mouse button.

  3. Drag the cursor up or down to move the border up or down.

  4. When you've moved the border to the right position, release the left mouse button.

Unlike in Excel, moving a row's border in PDF2XL will resize the two rows touching that border. No other part of the table is affected.

Select a Row

As mentioned above, while the "Table Rows" option is off, clicking somewhere inside a table will select an entire column, but while the option is on, only a single cell will be selected.

To select an entire row, position your cursor to the left of the row edge. The cursor should become an arrow and a button will appear under it; clicking that button will select the row.

If you want to select several rows, just click and hold the left mouse button and drag up or down.

You can also select multiple non-adjacent rows by holding the CTRL key as you click each row.

Delete a Row

Technically, you cannot delete a row from a table, but you can merge two rows into one bigger row.

  1. Select the rows you want to merge as described above in "Selecting a Row".

  2. Right-click anywhere on these two rows.

  3. Select "Merge" from the menu that pops up.

Add a Row

Much like the previous section, you can't actually add a row and, instead, have to split an existing row into two smaller rows.

  1. Select the row you want to split.

  2. Right-click anywhere on the row.

  3. Select "Split here" from the menu that pops up.

  4. You can now resize the new smaller rows as described above in the "Resizing a Row" section.

Exclude Rows

One more thing you can do with rows is to "Exclude" them.

This will not remove the row from your converted copy, but it will merge it with the top row of the selection and leave the rows underneath it blank. This makes it easy to find and delete the rows you want to remove in Excel.

Note that if you exclude only a single row, it will merge with the row above, so this option is best used if you have multiple adjacent rows that you want to remove.

  1. Select the rows that you want to remove.

  2. Right-click and select "Exclude Row"

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