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If you are running the PDF2XL OCR or Enterprise editions of the software, you will notice that you have an extra tab called "OCR". This menu has all the tools you require to convert your scanned PDF files.

What if your OCR options are disabled?

If you can't click the OCR Start button, there are a few things you should check:

  1. You have your document open in PDF2XL

  2. You don't have the Chat window active (verify this by clicking on the source pane where your document can be seen)

  3. Your file is not "read only" (try opening it in a PDF reader, then re-loading it into PDF2XL)

OCR Mode

When the application recognizes a scanned PDF, it automatically runs the OCR engine. However, sometimes it fails to recognize the PDF and you need to enable it manually by pressing the Start button.

Perform OCR

You can force the application to perform the OCR on the whole document, the current page, the current layout, or even just the element you have selected.

OCR Validation

You may come across a scanned PDF with a poor quaity resolution. In that case, the OCR may not perfecty translate the characters it sees. If that happens, you can use the Validation tool to correct the data before converting it.


The OCR menu colors allow you to change the highlight colors of the data going through validation.

Fine Rotation

If your scanned document is slightly skewed, you can use the Fine Rotation tool to straighten it out, thereby allowing your layout to properly fit over the data.

The fine rotation adjusts the orientation in 5 degree increments.

OCR Options

The OCR Options button opens up the PDF2XL Options to the OCR section. This area allows you to perform actions such as identifying the language of your document and tweaking the settings to improve your output.

You can learn more about the OCR Options here.

Replace List

If you have a specific word or character in your document that the OCR is getting wrong ( for example, identifying "word" as "w0rd"), or if you want to simply change a word that is used throughout the document, you can use the Replace List.

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