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You may be wondering what, exactly, is the importance of having the ability to import a layout. There are actually a couple of good reasons.

  1. It allows users to share the layouts they have created with others, thereby saving time by preventing many from creating the same layout over and over.

  2. It allows the CogniView support team to provide the user with layouts, when necessary. For example, when a user is having difficulty structuring a layout, or they want to take advantage of the free layout service provided to Premium Support clients.

Before a layout can be imported, it first needs to be received. When the CogniView support team provides users with a layout, it is sent to their email and bears the extension .layoutx.

The steps for importing that layout are simple:

  1. Save ( do not open) the file with extension .layoutx to your computer; select a folder that will be easy for you to find.

  2. Open the PDF you want to convert in PDF2XL.

  3. From the Layout tab in PDF2XL, click the "Import" button and select the .layoutx file that you saved.

The layout should automatically be applied to your source document.

You can then use the " Save" button on the Layout tab to keep a copy of the layout in the layout repository for future use.

Here is a short clip of the Layout Import process so you can see how it works in real-time:

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