How to Open PDF Files in PDF2XL
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PDF2XL provides a few ways to import your PDF file into the software to prepare for conversion.

  • "Open" Buttons

  • Drag and Drop

  • Recent Files

There are three places in which you can locate the "Open" buttons.

  1. On the Quick-Access Toolbar at the top of the application

  2. On the Start tab menu

  3. On the Home tab menu

Using any of these buttons will open your file explorer so you can locate the files in your computer.

Drag and Drop

If you prefer, you can simply click on your PDF document in file explorer (or on your desktop, or wherever else you might have saved it), and drag it into the PDF2XL application.

This can be done on any of the PDF2XL screens - you don't have to be on the Start tab for it to work.

Recent Files

On the Start tab menu, there is an option called "Recent Files". Selecting this option will open a directory to the files you were recenty working on.

You can also access the Recent Files by selecting the "Recent" tab if you've used one of the "Open" buttons.

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