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Applying Layouts to a Document with Different Pages
Applying Layouts to a Document with Different Pages
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Applying a layout to a document where every page is consistent is simple as it requires only a single layout for all pages.

If your document contains different pages, then you need to apply the layouts specifically for each page. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Basic Layout Method

  • Pages Different Method

  • Linking Page Layouts

  • Repeating Layouts

If only your First or Last page are different, use the " All Pages Same" option and select either "First Page Different" or "Last Page Different", so you can apply the layout to those separately, or leave them blank.

Basic Layout Method

If the pages are only slightly different, then you can cut down on mapping time by first selecting the "All Pages Same" option and applying the layout to the first page.

Once that's done, switch to the " Pages Different" option and go to each page and adjust it as needed.

Pages Different Method

If the pages are significantly different, then you'll want to start by selecting the " Pages Different" option and then apply the layout to each page individually.

Linking Page Layouts

If you have some pages that are the same, you can simply link them.

Apply the layout to the first page and take note of the page letter in the Pages preview pane (in this example, "U"):

In the Pages pane, scroll to the next page that requires the same layout and right-click on it. Select " Link Layout > U" (use whatever letter is relevant to your document).

If your page requires some adjusting because it isn't exactly the same as the origin page, you can right-click and select " Unlink Page From Layout 'U'". If you make changes to the layout without unlinking them first, it will modify the layout for all pages that are linked to it.

Repeating Layouts

If your document has the same layout every second or third page (or more), you can apply a " Repeating" layout.

By doing so, you can create the layout for the first section of pages and use the " Repeating" option to apply that layout to the remaining pages in the same sequence.

For example, if your document has one page layout for pages 1, 3, 5, and another layout for 2, 4, 6, you can use the " Repeats Every > 2 Pages" setting. You can customize this setting for the number of pages you need repeated.

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