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Converting Non- Columnar Data into Tables
Converting Non- Columnar Data into Tables
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Sometimes you might want to convert data that is not arranged neatly in columns into a table.The best tool to use for such conversions is associated fields, which are fields that are set to be displayed next to only one table. You can set a field to be associated with a table by right-clicking on that field and using the "In Conversion, Show Field" option.


  1. Select the line of data that will act as the table "Key". It will likely show as a blue field.

  2. Right-Click and "Change to Table".

  3. Select the remaining data in that section as separate "Fields".

  4. Select each Field by holding down your CTRL key and left-clicking on each one (do not click on the orange table Key).

  5. Right-click and select "In Conversion, Show Field > With Table". See how the data in the Page Preview pane is now lined up in a row?

  6. Select the orange table Key.

  7. Then, hold down your CTRL key and left-click on each blue field to select them all.

  8. Right-click and select "Copy Selection". 

  9. Move your cursor to the next section of data.

  10. Right-click and select "Paste Here". Note that if this option is disabled, it means that it's not able to paste in that section for some reason - usually because the pasted data will overlap other elements or it will extend past the edge of the page. Move around the sheet a little until you are able to click on the "Paste Here" option.

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