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PDF2XL Enterprise v6.5 Batch Conversion
PDF2XL Enterprise v6.5 Batch Conversion

Learn to use the Batch Conversion tool for PDF2XL Enterprise version 6.5

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In version 6.5 of PDF2XL Enterprise, a new handy feature was introduced - Batch Conversion Processing.

A few basic things you need to understand about the Enterprise batch conversion feature are:

  • Only "like" documents can be converted using the batch conversion tool. You can convert many documents if they are using the same structure because the batch conversion tool relies on a singular layout to do so. Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to convert documents of varying structures using this feature.

  • This is not an automated process. It does require that you open the tool and select the documents to be converted.

  • Files will be converted into their own individual Excel files (this can only convert into the Excel format) - you cannot use this process to convert all your documents into one sheet.

  • If you are using a macro, you will need to save the layout with the macro applied to maintain your output. More detailed instructions for this are at the bottom of this article.

  • Since the batch function needs to create a new process for each document, it will take more time to complete a conversion.

  • PDF2XL Enterprise ver. 6.5 was created mainly for desktop usage. If you have large numbers of files to convert or require automation, we recommend you purchase our newest version of PDF2XL Enterprise found here:

How to use the Batch Conversion tool

Open one of the PDF files in PDF2XL.
โ€‹Create a layout for that PDF and export it to your computer (the best place to keep this is in the folder with the files you are planning to convert). To export your layout, go to the Layout tab and select the "Export" option on the toolbar.

Go to the Convert tab.

Click the Convert Batch button on the toolbar

Click the "Add Files" button. When the file explorer opens, you can navigate to the folder containing your documents. Select them all by holding down your CTRL key and clicking on them. Once they are all selected, click "Open"ย 

Click the "Layout" button and, once again, navigate to the folder where you've saved your layout (if you saved it in the same folder as the PDF files, you'll already be there!). Select the layout file and "Open"

Your converted files will be sent to the same folder unless you change that using the "Output Folder" button.

Click the "Convert" button and your process should begin.

*Your files will not open automatically - you can go to your Output Folder and check them from there.

Batch Conversion while Running a Macro

  1. Open one of your documents in PDF2XL

  2. Import the current layout (example, layout "A")

  3. Load the macro

  4. Export the layout to your computer (layout "B")

  5. Run the batch conversion process again using the layout "B"; you will need to use the "Layout" button on the batch conversion prompt to import the new layout

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