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Activating PDF2XL using the Manual Method
Activating PDF2XL using the Manual Method
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The easiest method for activating your PDF2XL software is to use the Online Activation Method, which is quick and effortless. However, if that activation fails, you may need to perform an offline activation.

An online activation failure can happen for any of these reasons:

  • your firewall/security settings are blocking access to our server

  • you have an incorrect version installed

  • you are using incorrect license details

  • the version you have installed is obsolete (frequently the case with versions lower than 6.0)

**Please ensure you follow the instructions for your version of the software:

Manual Activation for PDF2XL versions 5.0 to 6.5

  1. From the activation prompt on the designated computer, choose the "Other Activation Method" option and select "By Email".

2. Copy the information in the window that is highlighted in blue:


3. Create a new message in your email client and send the above information to [email protected]. (*Please do not modify this content in any way - just copy and paste)

4. We'll activate your license on our end and send you the activation key with further instructions.

Manual Activation for PDF2XL versions below 5.0

  1. Open the Activation wizard on the designated computer ( activation keys must be generated for the computer the software is installed on).

2. Enter your Payment Code and email address, then click "Next".
3. When asked if you would like to activate over the internet, choose No

4. Click on "How do I get an activation key?" **Do not enter any digits into the blanks fields at this time**

5. Choose to send the activation request by email and click "Next"

6. If you receive a Microsoft Office Outlook error, just click OK to move forward

7. Copy the text from the text box and create a new email to paste this data into; send to [email protected]


8. We will process the activation and provide you with an activation key

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