System Requirements
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The PDF2XL product family is supported on the following operating systems:


  • Windows® Vista (all) SP1+

  • Windows® 7 (all)

  • Windows® 8 (all) (x64 editions supported)

  • Windows® 10 (all) (x64 editions supported)


  • Windows® 2000 Pro/Server SP4

  • Windows® Server 2003 (all)

  • Windows® Server 2008 (all)

  • Windows® Server 2008 R2

  • Windows® Server 2012 (Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp/Access Essentials configurations supported)

*Note that x64 operating systems are fully supported, but printing into PDF2XL Enterprise's Cogniview Printer in ia64 (Itanium) is not.

PDF2XL has the following requirements for operation:

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor

  • RAM: 256 MB system memory (1 GB recommended)

  • Display: 800×600 screen resolution (1024×768 recommended)

  • Installer size: 25 MB

  • Installation footprint: 37 MB

  • Available space: Up to 100 MB of available hard drive space

  • Microsoft Excel/Word 97 or newer* (required for Microsoft Office integrated features such as conversion to Excel).

*If Microsoft Excel/Word or Office is not installed, the supported conversion formats will be Clipboard, CSV and OpenDocument Spreadsheet.

No PDF display application (like Adobe Reader) is required for using PDF2XL.

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